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Trudy Wade


Hot/Cold Stone Massage Therapy

Posted by Trudy Wade on

Hi everyone! Just letting you know that I am once again offering Hot & Cold Stone Therapy Massages. Located on the main floor of my Wade Works Studio. Soothing - Relaxing - Tranquil. 

Stone Therapy is a type of thermotherapy. It uses deep penetrating heat from smooth basalt rocks and alternating cold from marble stones. Physiological benefits of alternating temperatures to the body have been scientifically and medically proven.

Stone Therapy goes beyond the physical experience of typical massage, and enters deeper dimensions of relaxation, health and well being, creating a positive approach to "Body - Mind - Spirit" philosophy.

This vascular gymnastics stimulates your circulatory and lymphatic systems and assists your body in self-healing.

The ultimate goal of the therapy is relaxation that will bring balance into your life and will alleviate chronic and acute problems.

I am certified by: Nina Gart, Stone Therapy School 2011.

Call or email to book your appointment or purchase a gift certificate: 250-809-8122,

Special offer for February and March: $100.00 for 1 hour +.