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Trudy Wade


Trudy Wade

Trudy Wade has lived in almost every province in Canada. In 2004 she moved her interior design business, Wade Works Inc., to the Grande Prairie area to be closer to her family roots. Residing on an acreage then in Grovedale, Alberta, Canada. Surrounded by the beauty of the forest, wildlife and majestic Alberta skies, the perfect setting for her art studio. “Wind Break Hollow.” Now the journey keeps getting even more interesting as the location of her studio has moved to Naramata, B.C. Canada. Opening day June 12, 2015.

Trudy has a very broad expressive, artistic perspective of her life, and is living it authentically. This connection to her surroundings is reflected in her creations. If she had the chance to do it all again, she wouldn’t change a thing. The journey is too amazing! She has experienced working in various creative industries, such as: floral designing, visual presentation and merchandising for HBC, cosmetic artistry, drapery, clothing and jewellery making. As well as owning and operating her interior design business since 1989. Trudy has worked with a variety of materials and loves challenging herself. She uses mediums such as; pencil, ink, watercolours, acrylics, oils, chalk, pastel, tiles, venetian plaster, drywall mud and of mixed with pigments and glazes.

Some of her works of art can be viewed at the NR 3 building. A seven stage dimensional plaster mural of Grande Prairies history, with life sized swans flying above it. You just have to go in and see it and feel it. She did the murals for T-West as well as Devon Canada, Remax, Realty Executives, Hurley Well Service, Maude Clifford School, Alexander Forbs School, Derick Taylor School, Qualico Homes, Foxridge Homes and Lavender Homes. She also has a long list of residential clients displaying her murals in their homes.

Having lived in the beautiful Okanogan valley in 2003, Trudy developed a passion for wine. One of the many reasons for now returning to this amazing area and deciding to open her new studio..."Wade Works Studio", located across from "Elephant Island" and "Deep Roots" wineries. 940 Aikens Loop, Naramata, B.C. Canada.

      Come visit this unique home studio boutique, featuring:

"The Wine Stain Series"
Red & white wine is mixed with pigments and glazes, then stained on wood to make it truly Trudy’s authentic creation!

One Of A Kind Originals

Authentic beauty, with a little roughness around the edges. Just enough to add some character.

As you view these works of art; gaze into the layers & swirls… Let yourself sink into the depths of metallic overglazing, just as Trudy does while creating these pieces with love. Let them take your breath away & add a little passion to your life today!